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Our philosophy is about finding an edge and sharpening it. Recognizing a subtle curve and turning it into an identity.
Creating a niche and carving it out.

For over a decade we have been creating design solutions for companies like yours in a variety of industries. From the action sports arena to our more corporate clientele, our design fuses your story with your audience. We help provide unique insights and solid executions to build and reinforce successful brands. Our work secures the connection, the theme, the words and image to link your brand to your customers. We are committed to developing compelling visual and verbal communication no matter what the challenge.

We'll take a look at your competitors marketing and see what they are doing, how they are doing it; and most importantly we'll work with you to make sure we do it better.

Helping people build a community around something their passionate about gives us a thrill! Let us help you create original, engaging solutions to your project. At Gridfarmer we cultivate ideas.

Fed up with corporate looking projects? We promise to breath life into them and to work with you to help define your projects goals and better understand the bottom line — offering simple, practical, cost effective solutions.