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  • : branding

    More than a look.

    An identity is your stamp. An impression you leave on the world. It is more than your outward appearance. It is communication from the core. Gridfarmer has built identity solutions for some of the best names in the business. We mix our expertise with our imagination — our strategic consideration with our unique perspective — to create a well-designed identity that lasts.

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  • : collateral

    Marketing your message.

    The tactile world we live in begs exploration. We don't see with our eyes alone. We need to touch and feel things for their weight and texture. Hold them at arm length, or zoom in for close inspection. Gridfarmer creates marketing materials with this in mind. A look that invites discovery. Your message and business depend on how your story unfolds-literally. Our high impact design solutions deliver brand-building client collateral with style.

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  • : web design

    Interactive extension.

    A brand can be solidified in cyberspace. Clicked through and perused under viewer control. True interactive, three-dimensional communication — verbal, visual and audio — is how to insure a solid brand presence in your marketplace. At Gridfarmer, we construct online environments to engage users, build brands and connect customers. Brands may live in the mind, but they are communicated by design. Let us push your site to its full interactive capability.

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We'll take a look at your competitors marketing and see what they are doing, how they are doing it; and most importantly we'll work with you to make sure we do it better.

Helping people build a community around something their passionate about gives us a thrill! Let us help you create original, engaging solutions to your project. At Gridfarmer we cultivate ideas.

Fed up with corporate looking projects? We promise to breath life into them and to work with you to help define your projects goals and better understand the bottom line — offering simple, practical, cost effective solutions.